5 things necessary for a student in corona times

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1. Mosquito squatter

India being its tropical self doesn’t allow for a relaxed mosquito free environment. Especially for the studying purpose you might need a better solution then mosquito repellents that are harmful to you. A squatter in this case is your best option.

Pros. Not harmful like the repellents. More effective. It is a one time purchase unlike the repellents that either are needed to be restocked or needed to be refilled.

Cons. It’s electrical. Needs to be charged.

Some mosquitoes might escape your bat at sometimes, so you might have to chase them

2. A Massager

Living through current lockdown whether self imposed or mandatory, really packed indoors with no movement and countless hours of sitting in one place for work from home or distracting online classrooms. A massager will help you relax your muscles and prevent them from.over cramping which can, not only irritate and discomfort you it also might cause a serious condition in the future.

Pros. Easy to use. Provides instant relaxation.

Cons. You might have to get someone to help you get the cramps in the back where your arms cant reach.

3. Bluetooth Headset

A noisy environment has always been a bad place to be. But when you are cramped in a space full of your family members trying to handle life through quarantine the best they can, Wireless free is the way to go.

. pros. They are wireless so no hassle with the jack getting damaged to eadily

Cons they need to be chatged so make sure to check the battery life when buying

Also you might not hear your family at all in case they yelling at you so you choose your

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